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Use Tips

Study guidelines and ask questions. Know required parts of an essay. Write your essay following the basic rules.

Make Drafts

Your rough draft will put your ideas and thoughts into sentences and paragraphs and make it coherent.

Edit & Proofread

Revise your essay. Use spell check to find misspelled word. Use a dictionary or thesaurus to check word usage.

Recent Updates

5 tips for a better academic essay

Like with all essays, the academic essay is a paper that expresses information. It is also a means where the student can learn better how to express themselves. All the basic rules of any other essay are followed, and used. This is more of an academic scholarly paper, so your material must be more scrutinized.

1st tip

Make sure you follow every base rule of any other form of essay. Pick a topic and get it cleared through your instructor. Do your outline, and set all your points. Write a good thesis paragraph, body and conclusion paragraph. Check it over for any mistakes, rewrite as needed, then get it edited and so the final rewrite as needed.

2nd tip

Use more accepted material. In high school, and some of your classes, they might be relaxed on material. In an academic essay, they will not be. Many materials are not useable in your bibliography. This is because they are ‘general information’, and not specific information. Such as an encyclopedia is not acceptable, but a specific encyclopedia is. Something like an Medical encyclopedia, an encyclopedia of symbols, or an encyclopedia or literature.

3rd tip

Use direct correlations. When you express ideas, and show a connection, do not make them vague. Draw direct correlations between them. Such as if you are talking about the effects of Methane in public water. Never draw a conclusion that is a vague statement. Explain why, and how. You might even use a graph, diagram, or something to help explain how it causes the effect.

4th tip

Watch your language. Do not use slang or ethnic terms without a reason, and they should not be used as part of your essay language. Use a clear and concise wording. Again with the methane essay, if there is a slang term that the technicians use, you might tell of its use, and why they do.

5th tip

Make sure of your documentation. When you use a quote from a resource, make sure it is documented. It needs to be recorded correctly for the style you are writing in. It also needs to be used in the essay as the way the style dictates. Remember there are three types of quote, and each type needs to be used right; full quote, partial quote, and mixed quote. Always check with your style guide on how to show these. Find more information from professional essay writers


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