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15 Best Argumentative Essay Topics for High School Students

If you are a high school student you will almost certainly be asked to write an argumentative essay. There are several things you need to appreciate in this situation.

  • Choose the topic you really like.
  • Understand the format of an argumentative essay.
  • Follow the correct format.
  • Proofread and edit to the enth degree.
  • Finish the jolly thing on time.

The choice of topic is what is so important. Are you interested in the topic you have chosen? Better still are you passionate about it? Don’t be afraid to run your topic choice past your teacher. He or she may have a handy tip. It may save you a heap of time and a load of pain if you choose the ideal topic for you.

Understanding the argumentative essay format is vital. You have to pick a case or side to the argument and prove your point of view. Using facts rather than rhetoric is essential. If you can attack the opposite side at the same time, and again with facts and not fiction, you will improve your chances of getting a great mark.

There is a layout to most essays and the argumentative essay fits into that category. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Stick with the proven formula. And remember that all the best research and writing in the world counts for little if your proofreading and editing fails the test.

Here are some examples of excellent argumentative topics. If one is close to what appeals to you, adapt it so that it exactly fits your requirements.

  1. Is prison the best way to punish criminals?
  2. Is the death penalty ineffective in preventing violent crime?
  3. Should animals be used for scientific experiments?
  4. Should animals be used to test things like cosmetics and perfume?
  5. Should humans wear real or fake furs?
  6. Is plastic surgery for beauty purposes a good thing?
  7. Why do people argue that climate change is not real?
  8. Is climate change real?
  9. Religion is the trigger for wars and hatred.
  10. Western powers should never invade other countries.
  11. Sex education should be left to parents and not to teachers.
  12. Every student should own a tablet and be taught online.
  13. Medical marijuana should be legal in every country.
  14. It is silly to be a vegetarian.
  15. Government support for the arts is elitist and should be stopped.

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