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Where to Look for an Exemplification Essay Example: Vital Tips for Students

Exemplification essays should follow a specific structure that is best mastered on relevant examples. If you are concerned about where to get a free, quality example try the methods below.

  • Ask your tutor.
  • Your instructor might be storing the best examples of essays, submitted by students on this course, for the purpose of educating new students. Ask to have a look at these samples. You might not be allowed to take them home, so write out the most important points into your notebook.

  • Search your school library.
  • Not all schools or colleges store all of the student work they receive, but if yours does it means free and easy access to lots of great examples. Browse the respective section of your electronic library. Narrow the search to essays submitted for your course. Actual grades received by these papers might be confidential, but still it can be useful to see how other students dealt with the task now assigned to you.

  • Borrow a few guide books on essay writing.
  • Your school library, as well as your local one, should have at least a couple of academic writing guidebooks. Explore them for sample exemplification papers. As a rather common type of academic paper, they should be included. As well as samples, you will probably discover writing hints, tips, and techniques on how to best approach writing this kind of essay.

  • Check reliable online resources.
  • You can discover multiple exemplification papers on the Web. Most of them are available for free from a variety of resources; including homework help websites, writing blogs, and custom writing services. Do a bit of research on each website to see whether it is a reliable one. Do they disclose where they obtain their examples from? Are these essays genuine or written by the website’s team as examples? (Note that the names of authors will probably not be mentioned, in order to protect their privacy.) If there is no answer to these questions available on the web page, the website is probably offering plagiarized samples.

  • Narrow your search by topic.
  • Whatever search technique you use, first try looking for essays on the exact topic assigned to you. Many instructors require their students to prove the same idea, for example; that telling truth is more advantageous in a long run than lying. When you discover such samples, remember that you should not plagiarize them; don’t even use the same examples, put into different words. Look for cases from your own experience that are similar to these.

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