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The 12 Best Problem Solution Essay Topics For High School Students

Teenagers have a great imagination, but many of them are not aware of this. That is why professors are constantly asking them to write essays; to force them to use their imagination and to learn how to write a composition in good way. Problem solution essays are interesting for high school students because they have the chance to analyze some problems that directly affect them. It’s not easy to find a good topic but once you do, you can complete the essay in only one day. These are some of the best topics for your problem solution essay:

  1. Gender payment gap. Women have equal rights in most of the countries. However, they are not paid like a man even if they make the same work. How could we solve this problem?

  2. Drug addiction among teenagers. Are media campaigns effective?

  3. Obesity. A big percent of the children are obese. How can the parents prevent this?

  4. Fast food consumption.

  5. Pollution in big cities. Can the students do something to prevent this? Try to discuss about this in your problem solution essay.

  6. Excessive usage of technology. This makes many teenagers step away from their friends and family. They lose all their social skills and desire for human interaction.

  7. Animal abuse. This is a big problem even in civilized countries. What valid solutions we can apply to prevent this? Should the government apply strict laws to punish people who do this?

  8. Driving without a seatbelt. It does not seem like a big issue, but many people are losing their lives in accidents because they don’t wear a seatbelt. Maybe you and your colleagues could do something to change the public opinion.

  9. Smoking in public areas. Children and sick people are affected by this, because they inhale the smoke.

  10. Vandalism. This can destroy the appearance of the city. What can we do to stop teenagers from vandalizing the buildings?

  11. Domestic violence. In many families children are traumatized because of domestic violence. Unfortunately, the police can not get involved without an official complaint, and the victims are afraid to go to the police.

  12. Discrimination in your school. Many of your colleagues don’t have money or new clothes, and they are discriminated because of this. What can you do to make others more tolerant?

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