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Kaffir Boy

The book is by Mark Mathabane talking about hi experiences as a young black man in an apatheid illudsioned country. It talks about the struggle that a youth African kid had to undergo in the country of South Africa. This was the time while the apartheid and Africans were treated with a lot of contempt by the Whites. At times, some of the African kids could not make it strive towards their goals because the struggle they went through. The story of Kaffir Boy is one filled with inspiration and hope. It talks about youth that went on and defied all the odds that he faced in his education. During his primary education, he always was being punished because he could not afford to pay school fees in time. Despite all the struggle, his mother always urged him to keep on moving on. Mathabane was hard working and he came to the top of his class. His grandmother was a gardener in a family of wealthy but kind whites. She used to bring him books that he used to learn English. Mathabane passed well and got a scholarship to high school education.

Interaction with the whites

Mathabane was introduced to English by his grandmother. She sent him books and a racket for playing tennis. When he joined the high school, he could play in tennis tournaments. He does not let his colour hold him back. HE befriends a white tennis player and they train together. He becomes a good tennis, player. In one of the tournaments, he meets Stan Smith. Stan takes in Mathabane and pays registration fees so that he can compete in tournaments. Stan also goes a step ahead to find a tennis scholarship for Mathabane. He is enrolled in Limestone College in the United States. This gives Mathabane a chance to be involved in a different culture altogether.


Though the book is very inspiring and has got a lot of teachings about hope, it has faced a lot of challenges. Many schools have issued a ban on the use of the book for any study. Some of the cited issues are that the book has a pornographic content. This is in some scenes where the books talks of sodomy and prostitution. The book has however been reviewed. Mathabane allowed for the book to be revised fitting the standards that are required for it to be used for high school literature. The book is being used by some schools though there are sore that are still opposing the use.

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