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How to Write an Exposition Paper

An exposition paper just presents some information to the readers. It contains no argumentation because its purpose is not to persuade, but rather to explain a topic. It looks simple, but it can sometimes be problematic for students to avoid their emotions in writing the paper. The following recommendations will help you write an excellent expository essay:

  1. Choosing a topic.

    It’s better to write an exposition paper on a topic you know a lot about, but you can also pick one you want to research. You can make your paper more interesting by presenting contradictory points of view on a certain topic.

  2. Finding sources.

    One of the most important things in writing an exposition paper is finding reliable sources of information. It’s better to use books, academic journals, academic or governmental websites, etc. You can also get information from some reliable websites, appropriate articles from newspapers, and magazines. Don’t forget to note the publishing information of your sources in order to list them as “references” on a separate page of your essay.

  3. Conducting the research.

    As the main purpose of your paper is to inform, you should definitely conduct a deep research on your subject. Learn some historic facts, statistics, problems, and another aspects related to the topic. To be more objective, use information from different sources.

  4. Writing an introduction.

    Your intro should be catchy and impressive. Write the main purpose and a brief outline of the major points of your essay.

  5. Developing a thesis.

    You can write your thesis at the end of an introduction, or as the first sentence of the first paragraph. A thesis of an exposition paper should open the body and contain one or two sentences about the main idea of your essay.

  6. Be informative.

    Each sentence of your paper should be full of new and useful information. Your statements should be clear and brief with some new pieces of data. You can add some quotations. Don’t write sentences and ideas that are not directly related to your topic. Each word of an exposition paper should be chosen carefully in order to bring something new to the readers.

  7. Use third person voice.

    Using the first person voice in an exposition paper looks unprofessional and not serious. You can only use “I” as an exception and an instrument of providing information. Write your paper without references to your personal point of view. Remember that this essay shouldn’t include any personal experience; just convey new knowledge to the readers.

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