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A Quick Guide To Writing An Expository Essay Thesis Statement

Expository essays are a wonderful tool for classroom evaluation where teachers evaluate students based on their narration, argumentation and description abilities. Students are supposed to investigate a proposal or idea, evaluate them on the basis of evidences and present their arguments in a precise manner. The bet expository essays include comparisons, contrasts, definitions and examples analyzing cause and effects of the incidences.

A 5 paragraph composition: Basically any expository essay is categorized into 5 paragraphs. This is an effective and straightforward formula.

Tips to write

  • The essay should be written in a clear and concise way right from the beginning. If the beginning is not mastered effectively, the rest of the composition is sure to fail.
  • Clear and commonsensical transitions should be made through introduction, body paragraphs and in the conclusion part.
  • Body paragraphs must offer substantial evidences. It is must for clarity and direction.
  • Factual, logical, anecdotal and statistical evidences make it a commendable one.
  • Little bit of creativity can make it fascinating. It is necessary to add long lasting impression on the audience.
  • Readdress the concluding statement offering evidences.

Follow 8 steps and make a great way ahead-

  • Step 1: Choose the topic. Ensure that the chosen topic is a narrow one. Too vast topics are difficult to manage in terms of content and word limit.
  • Step 2: Structure of thesis sentence: It should express a controlled idea. The thesis sentence should neither be very broad nor very specific.
  • Step 3: Choose the developmental method: Your expository composition should be based on the following developmental methods-
    • Definition
    • Example
    • Compare and contrast
    • Cause and effect
    • Classification
    • Process analysis
  • Step 4: Organization: List your various divisions and sort them in various paragraphs. Fill in primary supports for each paragraph.
  • Step 5: Introductory paragraph: It should state the thesis and offer the direction introducing divisions in the body paragraphs so that reader gains interest in the topic.
  • Step 6: Allot topic sentences for each body of the paragraphs: It will furnish the content and will relate to the thesis sentence.
  • Step 7: Body paragraphs: Each body paragraph includes adequate content offering further details of the topic offering primary evidences.
  • Step 8: Concluding paragraph: This is the time you should restate the thesis and divisions of the essay. Offer the essay an appropriate and effective closure. Make sure that you do not raise new issues or deviate from the existing one.

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