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What Are The Main Kinds Of An Argumentative Essay

Any student should know the basics about writing an essay on a given topic. In order to better understand how to carry out this task, you should know what kind of argumentative articles there are. Below, we list and describe the most important types of these articles.

Expository Essay

In this kind of document your aim is to explain an idea, opinion or theme to the reader. This text is meant to present your personal response to a certain text, in the form of a commentary. In addition, the expository essay is preferred when the writer wants to expose his/her response to a given world event, political issue, etc.

  • You should have a well explained thesis statement.
  • You should provide some evidence to back your article back.
  • The aim of this text is to be concise. You should present your points and make a conclusion.
Persuasive Essay

Your aim is to convince the reader to accept and adopt your opinion on a certain topic. In order to do so, you should properly present your arguments. Applying a logical outline is the best option in this kind of article, as the reader will find more reasonable to choose your point of view on the topic if the information and arguments you provide make sense.

  • You should present a precise point of view and keep it throughout the text.
  • Make an effort to maintain the reader interested in your article.
  • Provide trustworthy and undeniable evidence.
  • Know your readers.
Analytical Essay

The aim of this kind or article is to make an in- depth analysis on a given event, book, play, etc.

  • Make an introduction.
  • Present your arguments.
  • Make the analysis (body)
  • Present your personal response.
  • Make a short conclusion which summarises the text and re-states your opinion.
Argumentative Essay

In this text, the aim is to prove that your point of view is the correct one.

  • The arguments is the thesis statement.
  • Avoid using a question as an argument.
  • Use solid evidence and transition words (however, nonetheless, but, etc.)
  • Approach 1: Thesis statement + pros + cons + refutation and conclusion.
  • Approach 2: Thesis statement + cons + refutation + Pros and conclusion.
  • Approach 3: Thesis statement + cons and refutations and conclusion.

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