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The Importance of Being Earnest: 10 Exciting Essay Topics

One of the most exciting and thought-provoking plays of its time, The Importance of Being Earnest outlined many issues of the day and exploited them. People began to think in new ways and ushered in other ways to live. Many people since then have written papers detailing these issues and discussing the importance of them, so it may be harder to find a topic that is a little different from the rest. Here are ten examples that might help in deciding what to write about and providing new ways of thinking.

10 Subjects to Consider

  • What the earnest meant to the Victorians. How have these values carried over in today‚Äôs world of work and culture?
  • The Victorians believed their views to be superior. What did they think social reform meant and what was their role. How has this theme echoed over time and does it persist today?
  • How the Upper Class kept, the social classes separate and how the Victorian attitude of keeping the poor uneducated may have helped to shape the ethics of modern America and Europe.
  • How did the Victorians contribute to their own detriment? Why was appearance so important and how did the upkeep of that appearance weight on their personal lives?
  • The role of death in Aristocratic life. How did they justify death, does this align with your way of thinking, why or why not?
  • Why did religion become so unimportant during this era? Why did it change from the prevalent Christian upbringings of Europe? Did Christianity make a comeback?
  • How the secret lives of the characters portrayed their desires for another life? How was this romanticized to become a popular storytelling foray today?
  • The Taboo of passion. The double life of the characters and how it correlates to the feeling of personal relationships today. How have these feelings changed in the past 100 years?
  • The Aristocratic attitudes throughout the centuries. How each era participated in changing the way of life with the changing times?
  • Economic reform: Victorians versus the Industrial Age. Did it drive the social classes closer together or further apart? How did The Importance of Being Earnest contribute to the world of economics and change?

Providing well thought out answers to these questions can help those reading it to gain a new perspective on both history and modern times. How literature can be a defining factor in within a decade and how it can ring for hundreds of years.

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