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Crafting A Narrative Essay: Effective Tips From An Expert

To tell a story and make the audience listen to you is a real art. Not many people have this talent, so for most of the students writing a narrative essay is a real problem. No matter what they do, the final composition is boring and none of their classmates is interested to read it. If you are in this situation, try to not panic; there is a solution for anything. You just have to know how to make your composition more engaging and appealing. These expert tips will help you with this task:

  • Write about something personal. If you tell a story, make sure that it is a personal one. In this way you will not have to gather material or waste time with research. Besides, this will give you the chance to share moments of your life with your classmates and maybe develop your relation with them. Also, it’s fun!

  • Think about what you want to express. Okay, you are telling a story, but why? What are you planning to expresis with this story? Will your classmates learn something from it? Did it help you evolve as a person? If there is no moral in this, there is no point writing about it.

  • Be as explicit as possible, but without getting boring. For example, if you want to tell them about something that happened in nature, you can give more interesting details. How did the sun feel on your skin, how was the weather, how did the flowers smell. On the other hand, you have to put a limit to all these details; at some point they can become boring.

  • Create an amazing introduction. This is what can make your readers interested in your composition. If the first two sentences are boring they will not even think about reading the rest. Make sure to keep some mystery. For example, you can start with “I will tell you something about the most embarrassing day of my life”.

  • Write a funny conclusion. If you are at the end of the essay, you probably finished already with your story. This means that it’s the time to write a proper conclusion; to gain more appreciation, make it funny. It will leave a pleasant feeling for your colleagues and professor, while still learning something from what you wrote in your text.

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