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A Quick Guide On Writing A Problem Solution Essay On The Generation Gap

Do you need to write a problem solution essay about the generation gap? Are you struggling to do it because you don’t know how to go about it? Well, this article is for you! It’s a quick step-by-step guide that will teach you exactly how to compose your paper.

Step 1: Find your problem

The generation gap is quite a broad topic, so you need to choose a specific issue that you’ll focus on in your paper. For example, you could discuss communication difficulties that are caused by large age differences.

Step 2: Plan your work

Once you’ve got a good topic for your paper, you need to plan your work. Decide how you’ll use your time by making a timetable with specific deadlines. You can also make a basic outline for your paper during this step using the information below.

Step 3: Do your research

Now you need to research your topic. You can look for information online, but be sure to use reputable sources if you do. It’s always a good idea to use books as sources too, so try finding some useful ones at the library. The library will also have some excellent academic journals that you can make use of, so don’t forget to check them out too.

Step 4: Write your paper

At last it’s time to actually write your essay! The following are the sections that you’ll need to cover in your paper, so don’t skip any.

  1. Explain the problem
  2. Here you need to explain, in detail, exactly what the issue you intend to deal with in your paper entails.

  3. Describe why the problem needs a solution
  4. Now you need to give reasons why the issue at hand needs to be fixed.

  5. Describe the solution that you’re recommending
  6. Here you need to explain your suggested answer to the issue at hand.

  7. Explain why you think it is the right solution
  8. Now you need to explain why you think your idea is the right solution for the problem.

  9. Provide arguments against any objections
  10. Here you need to give strong arguments against any objections to your idea. Be sure to include strong supporting facts and examples in every section of your paper.

Step 5: Check your paper

Before you submit your paper, make sure that you read it carefully to check that it’s complete and correct. Then you can submit it!

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