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How To Write An Essay About Yourself Using Free Examples

The one individual we all remain always together with is we ourselves. Everyone loves to assess his strengths, jot down his habits and dreams; reflects upon his capacities and categorizes zones he is not comfortable with.

Therefore, it follows that an essay about you should not be bolt of Thor’ hammer. Yet, when we are asked in interviews about ourselves, most of us offer clichéd and rehearsed answers. Here is how you can write an essay about yourself using free examples.

Look for the outlook

While scouring through celebrities, you will find that someone or the other may have a striking resemblance to your face. It may be that his face is more chiseled and presentable, but under the layers, the similarities do reside. Let that be the starting point. Find out known people born on your date of birth and year of birth or pretty close to it. Then highlight reasons that have made him popular and you a wannabe.

Look for traits

When you look at others, you get your own characteristics in perspective. When you meet a cleanliness-freak, you understand that you are hygienic but up to a point. When you meet an extravagant guy, you feel you cannot burn your pockets like him. When you meet an ardently passionate and vigorous fellow; you realize you miss that special trait. Thus, you get a fair idea of what mettle you are made of.

Think of the feedback

Your parents, teachers and friends must have pointed out some good traits in you and some bad. Assess the truth behind them and introduce those in your essay. You get a better idea when you objectively analyze another individual. Everything comes out on a clear scale.

Think of the environment

Place the environment you grew up in and jot down what you made of it. Think of junctures you could have utilized to your advantages and the fulcrum points you actually capitalized upon. Point out one exceptional characteristic about you and one starkly negative. Create the essay intrinsically between the two.

Realize your dreams

Introspect into what your actual dream is and have you toiled to realize it. You may go through certain books with characters identical to you or even some free example essays and exhume the practicality of dreams. Assess whether you are a go-getter or a leave-me-here kind.

Let the essay speak about you in a lucid and impartial manner.

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