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Where To Find A Good Biographical Narrative Essay Example

The best biographical narrative essays have been written by excellent students, marked by their teachers, and archived somewhere that seems to be inaccessible to you. So how are you going to find a decent example to write your own from? There are some places you should never get an example from, and others you should.

Places you want to avoid

Certain places are no-go areas to search for biographical narrative essay examples.

  • Free examples on the internet
  • Sure, if you want an old sample that was posted by a B-minus student, go ahead at your own risk. Just remember that there are no guarantees that any of the information, style, or format guidelines are correct.

  • Examples from fellow students
  • You know the type: He’s that dodgy guy who walks around trying to sell you paper samples from his back pocket. These characters don’t have your best interests at heart. If they can make a quick buck out of you at your own expense, they will.

Best places to get examples

These places are a much better option.

  • Libraries
  • You can either look at a library as your prison of boredom, or as a house full of keys that can unlock good grades. Libraries are likely to have lots of free essay examples and you’re sure to find the perfect one for yours.

  • Academic writing companies
  • These are probably your best points of call for finding decent essay samples. Contact a good one and ask them to send you a list of topics. Choose the one that’s closest to your own and you will be set.

  • Your teacher’s secret stash
  • If you’re nice enough to your teacher, perhaps he or she will provide you with one of those biographical narrative essays written by students before you. Tell your teacher that you just want a template to work from, and that you promise not to plagiarize the work or show it to anyone else.

  • A writing centre
  • Your school’s writing centre will not only have a few good examples, but probably also a nice person working there who will help you find the perfect one. Try out this option if you aren’t able to pay for an example.

  • A private online tutor
  • If you do have the money, go all out and hire a private online tutor for a quick hour. These individuals know everything about writing different types of essays and will probably be able to send you an example too.

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