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What It Takes To Write A Good Conclusion For An Essay On Voice And Opera

The conclusion is often the most difficult part of an essay to write. This is largely because the student has arrived to the end and doesn’t know what more can be added to make the argument any more clear. The conclusion is the last opportunity, however, for the student to persuade his readers to agree with his point of view. This being said it’s imperative that one learns how to write impactful endings. Here is what you need to know about writing great conclusions for an essay on voice and opera:

  • Summarize and Synthesize
  • The first thing you need to make sure you do in a well-written conclusion for a paper on voice and opera is to summarize and synthesize the main discussion points made throughout the body paragraphs. A great way to do this is to simply highlight each of the topic sentences in your body paragraphs and rewriting those using different words in a 2 to 3 sentence summary. Next, synthesize the information reminding the reader how you’ve proven that when connected they prove your original thesis statement. By highlighting your thesis statement (again using different words) you show the reader that your argument is feasible and that you have provided ample supporting evidence.

  • Provide a sense of closure
  • A practical way of providing the sense of closure to your reader is by linking the closing paragraph to the introductory one. If you used a hook at the beginning of your paper then you should reiterate it at the end. This creates the feeling that everything has come full circle, which always signals that you have reached the end of the discussion. Other techniques that work really well are ending your conclusion with a sentence composed of mostly words with just one syllable in them. This dramatic effect would go very well with any topic concerning voice and opera.

  • End with a lasting impression
  • Your last sentence is the final opportunity to bring light to the importance of your work. A lot of students shy away from this because they think it can come off as a bit pretentious. Don’t be like the rest; you should be proud of the work you have accomplished. Place your work in a broader context that your reader can relate to or include some kind of call to action so that your reader is forced to remain engaged with your work well after setting the paper down.

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