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Essay proofreading tips: What is the difference between editing and proofreading?

Writing and More Writing

As you write, you will find that there will be a series of attempts made in the revision process. Even before engaging in such a process, at least, prior to the devotion of time made solely on revisions, the continuous retractions take place. This method, which is the result of a self-induced mechanism associated with cognitive functions, serves a purpose in illustrating the human need to forge through craft and innovation. Much like life, the written word acts as a platform of self-expression, in which we find ourselves reverting to trying to in the trials-by-error of learning a lesson resulting from an experience. Writing serves, therefore, as a lesson of which guidelines are included to help in the keeping of an ordered verse—the verse of communication.

Differences in the Revision Process

The aim of this article to address the issue of revisions in the writing process. Specifically, to answer the proposed question: What is the difference between editing and proofreading? The short answer is: the difference is considerable. To further elaborate; let us examine the definition of each word. If one were to consult the dictionary for the word ‘edit’ the term would conform to the explanation of taking away something. To take out or subtract something from its initial form. This proves that the elimination or deletion of something, which, in this case, constitutes the content of the writing that is need of revision. Likewise, the word ‘proofread’ would produce the explanation of reading in subsequent order to find errors. In locating these mistakes an indicator in the form of a mark is to be made for future reference of going back to create the proper corrections.

Whereas editing would involve cutting something out of the content of writing, proofreading would attach a set labels as through grammatical symbols throughout the content of writing to bring about the note for a correct form of it. It is also equally important to note, that, although both terms employ difference usage of definitions, they also draw upon the same rank—the process of revisions and writing. What is more, is the fact that during the process of writing there will appear to be a on again and off again approach in trying to “find the words” to, not only finish, but in complementing each word.

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