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How To End An Opinion Essay About Gay Marriages In US

Gay marriages in US are a highly debated topic. Understanding the severity of the case, it has become part of most of the education system. Essay of varying length are expected to write by students of various age groups. Most of the students can manage to write the beginning and middle part of such sensitive topics flawlessly but end them abruptly deteriorating their grades.

Check out basic steps and elements that guides you with the concluding part of the composition-

  1. Concluding part of the opinion writing should hold the essence of the entire writing.

  2. Introduction and conclusion of this topic should be interlinked. The questions raised in the introduction part should be answered well in details; however in the conclusion they should satisfy the reader by providing the answer in brief. In short to say, when you finish your composition about gay marriages in US, paraphrase the chief main points raised in the introduction.

  3. Remember, the opinion should be same throughout the content and should not be changed at any cost in the conclusion too; otherwise it will spoil the entire composition.

  4. Conclusion is the shortest part of any article. In 500 word writing, it should not be more than 60-80 words. Restate your opinion keeping it crisp and clear.

  5. Beginning and ending of the article should be especially focused on. They should hold the interest of the reader while leaving a firm and everlasting impression on the minds of the readers.

  6. The conclusion drawn on the gay marriages should be based on the supportive statements used in the body paragraph.

  7. Appropriate transitional words should be used while shifting from the body paragraphs to the conclusion statements.

  8. Most of the people use gay marriages as a mode of sarcastic expression. Never employ such writing mode. Marriage is making connect between two people physically, mentally and emotionally and at other levels. It is a stamp that offers validity to the relationship. Hence, even if you do not agree with the fact, avoid being sarcastic.

  9. Close your essay by dropping a question to the readers where they understand the gravity of the situation and understand your viewpoints completely. Finish it in such a way that it anticipates any potential loopholes in your framed opinion. But remember, never forget to summarize your thesis.

In short, by the end, the readers should understand the significance of your writing and they should be ready to take a step in the way you want.

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