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How to Find Effective Essay Help Online: a Checklist

There are a lot of different types of essay help online, but you need to find out what works well for you and what is effective.

  1. Start by using your search engine. Be aware that different search engines target different things, so your favorite search engine for recipes may not be the most useful one for this task. There are several search engines that have additional academic applications. Just type in ‘academic ….(search engine name)’.
  2. Now you probably have a list of several websites and documents etc that you can choose from. The best advice here is to be selective. Don’t just click on the first website on your list and feel that is all that is on offer. If you have any particular learning difficulty such as dyslexia, there are websites that offer practical and effective support ideas.
  3. Some websites will offer exercises/worksheets for you to work through or may offer you a checklist to follow. This may be what you are looking for or you may actually need a little more support than a checklist (although it may be a good idea to keep a checklist handy for when you start writing your essay).
  4. There are some websites that have several videos (u-tube included in this idea) that are really useful. The videos are usually presented by qualified and experienced teachers. They are generally very interesting and informative, give great demonstrations and lots of tips. Your own class tutor may be really good, but you can’t keep replaying their presentation until you feel totally confident!
  5. Have the video presentations helped? If you feel that you need a bit of extra support you may benefit from looking for a website that offers some 1-1 support. Some of these websites may be funded by some central education fund and may not require payment, but access may be limited to one or two sessions. Other websites may offer unlimited support for a fee. This type of support may be more inline with tuition sessions through a video or phone link. Your tutor will be able to read your work and offer advice on how to improve your essay before your submit it to your class tutor.

A lot of the advice available online will depend on your needs and your experience. The online advice will not replace the work that you need to cover during you r class but it can certainly enhance it.

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