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Academic Essay Writing Guidelines: Follow Closely

If you are writing an academic essay, follow closely these academic essay writing guidelines. They can be applied to any kind of academic writing and are sure to get you a great grade.

When you are writing an essay you can save yourself a great deal of time if you follow the steps below:

  1. Answer your prompt. This is perhaps one of the most important tips you can incorporate. Many students have made the mistake of answering the wrong prompt in their essay. And unfortunately, as great an essay as you may write, your teacher will still bring your grade down because of the sheer fact that you did not write about the topic at hand. You should make sure that you know exactly what is being asked of you when all is said and done and that you get feedback from the teacher if you can. While this might seem rudimentary, it is nonetheless a common mistake and can result in a disappointing grade. It can help to take a highlighter and highlight the keywords in your prompt so that you know where you are limited, what time period, character, or style you are meant to use.
  2. Craft a good introduction. The introduction is where you offer a concise summary of the key points you plan to address in your essay. If appropriate, this is also where you will clarify key ideas. Many students make the mistake of going into far too much detail either because they are zealous in their writing or they fail to comprehend how the introduction is really more of a teaser before the real meat of the project. In any case, you should start off using shorter sentences rather than complex ones. If your introduction is full of long, and unnecessarily complex sentences, then you are probably adding too much information and should shorten it down. Make sure you are clear in your thoughts and your purpose here. If you give the reader too much information up front, then when you present your comprehensive arguments you will seem repetitive and boring.

When you are working on drafts, remember to ask friends or family to review it for editing and proofreading, looking for feedback before you submit the final piece. Write your final draft. Incorporate any feedback you received from friends or family. Add any bibliographies or footnotes as necessary and submit a clean copy on time.

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