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Writing An Amazing Essay: 10 Steps To Take

When you are writing an essay there are ten steps you should take to ensure the content you produce is top notch.

  • Step 1: Pick an excellent topic. If you are given the topic for your paper then you don’t have to adhere to this step. If you are given the freedom to pick the topic you want then make sure it is something about which you are passionate. Find something that you have always wanted to know more about or something that you are already a bit of an expert in.
  • Step 2: Take time to research thoroughly. You need to become an expert on your topic if you are not already. Take the time to review highly scholarly publications and books on the topic.
  • Step 3: Take notes while you research. Keep your notes organized too. Use one color card for your key ideas and another color card for your supporting evidence. This will allow you to see tangibly what information you have and to play around with the order a bit.
  • Step 4: Create an outline form your notes. Get your thoughts down on paper and see how it feels. If something is lacking evidence then you need to go back and find more evidence or remove the section entirely.
  • Step 5: Write your first draft. Get something out. No first draft will be perfect but getting something out is better than stalling repeatedly.
  • Step 6: Revise your preliminary draft and create a second draft from it.
  • Step 7: Take a day off. Spend at least one day away from the paper entirely before you return to the next steps. This will clear your mind and make it easier for you to continue you’re your work.
  • Step 8: Check over your draft for editing. This is not line by line stuff but rather the big picture. It is where you review the topic sentences and check that each paragraph relates to the thesis. This is an important component to producing a top notch essay in the end.
  • Step 9: Proofread the work. This is where you get into the line by line stuff. This is where you read aloud your paper to find spelling errors and typos as well as any grammatical snafus.
  • Step 10: Make sure the paper is formatted properly and submit the final copy as your teacher requested.

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