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Writing A Strong Essay On Serial Killers: Tips For Students

The purpose of any essay is to expose a topic, to help others learn something new or to change their opinion regarding an issue. To obtain any of these, you need to be extremely convincing and to present a paper that is complex from every point of view. Also, the information that you present needs to be trustworthy, and written in academic language. It sounds like too much work? It’s pretty simple actually, even when it comes to controversial topics like serial killers. Follow these tips to create a strong essay:

  • Don’t use cliches. We all know that serial killers are bad and they commit crimes; you do not have to use silly expressions to emphasize this. You know how a criminal will be described by the media every time? Well, stay away from anything like this. Your mission is to be realistic, objective and to write a well-documented paper. Don’t make anything less than this.

  • Try to understand the scientific perspective. It’s not easy to find excuses for criminals, but the fact is that sometimes they are not to blame for their actions. For example, many people who were abused in childhood commit murder later because they have mental problems. Others do not receive medical care and they end up becoming serial killers. The point is that you have to ignore your personal feelings and to try to be as realistic and objective as possible in your essay.

  • Don’t discuss about cases that took place in your city. Let’s say that one killer murdered some people last year and you analyze this case in front of your class. What if one of your classmate’s relatives was a victim? You would not want to put yourself and them in this sensitive situation. Try, when possible, to discuss about things that have nothing to do with your school or city. It’s better for everyone to keep your composition neutral.

  • Talk about unusual cases. Not many of your classmates know that children can be serial killers. Also, the public generally associates killers with men, but many women are doing this. You need to break the stereotypes and let them know about diverse situations. This will help them widen their horizon and it will make your essay impressive for everyone. Besides, it will show that you took plenty of time for research.

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