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Inventing Good Persuasive Essay Topics For 5th Grade Students

If you are in fifth grade and you were tasked with creating a persuasive essay there are many potential topics available. The purpose of the persuasive writing style is to convince the reader that the point of view you have is the best point of view. In order to do this you really want to incorporate supporting evidence to back up every comment you are making. Doing this will help you to seem like a much more well-rounded author. But not only should you provide evidence that supports what you saying but you should also review what the opposition says and explain why your evidence and your point of view is still better than what the opposition says. Doing this, too, will also show that you are a well-rounded author and you are an authority figure on the subject because you did your research.

When you are looking for a good persuasive essay topic you should try to pick something that you are already familiar with. Try and think about things that you argue with your mom and dad or things that you discuss with your friends. If you go to a school where they have a dress code you might regularly argue with your family that the dress code is unnecessary or that students perform better when they have the dress code. No matter which stands you take you want to be sure that you can back up your argument with supporting evidence. This evidence could be school grades from your school compared to another school that does not have a dress code. If your school ranks higher than perhaps the dress code is an influencing factor.

If you are searching for a list of potential ideas consider the following:

  • Create a paper that explains whether school lunches should be healthier
  • Create a paper which explains the dress codes are good for student performance
  • Review which teaching method you think is best in your classroom
  • Explain which testing method is most appropriate to grade how well students are doing in class
  • Review the difference breaks and lunch times given to each grade level in your school and whether you think is a good idea to have each student grade eating at a separate time or not.
  • Finally consider reviewing whether or not parental involvement in schools through volunteer efforts is a good idea

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