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General Rules Of Writing Illustration Essay Body Paragraphs

Writing an illustration essay includes providing specific details to explain or illustrate an idea. Many consider this form of writing pretty simple and straight forward. You are able to present ideas and thoughts related to what you belief about the subject matter. You use what some refer to as examples to make your point and illustrate your concept. How you present this information is important in order to convey the illustration you want successfully. Here are basic rules to help write illustration essay body paragraphs.

  • Have a clear idea of the subject matter you are working to illustrate. This will become your main idea or thesis statement of your essay. Details should be straightforward and concise. This part of your paper sets the tone for content that will follow. If your statement is strong you will be able to develop an outline and have discussion points to mention for each part as it relates to the purpose of the paper.
  • The introductory paragraph should give insight behind your main idea and introduce it to readers. This may include detailing why people have different viewpoints on the subject. The introduction for your essay gives clear background of your main idea. This should also include a hook and topic sentence, along with a transitional sentence leading to your first example which is the next paragraph.
  • Each body paragraph after the introduction will provide evidence supporting your views. This includes 3 or 4 sentences for each paragraph detailing reasons why it relates to your main idea. Each paragraph should detail or provide information for one example. The body paragraphs of your essay are important because they offer evidence supporting the illustration readers should see. Each paragraph has the same structure but provide insight for an example supporting your main idea with good evidence.
  • The conclusion paragraph restates each point mentioned previously along with your main idea. This is the paragraph that ends your content and brings it to a close. You can simply mention your main idea and supporting points, but you will reword this content and put emphasis on what readers should walk away with. This ends your essay but it should bring all important elements of your paper together. When you conclude your essay readers should see a full picture of the message you are trying to get across.

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