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Creating A Narrative Essay Introduction: Tips And Examples

A narrative essay is one kind of paper you may be assigned in school, or it can be a great way to get started with creative nonfiction writing. More than other kinds of writing, narrative essays the best kind of writing to have your voice as an author come through. The easiest way to approach narrative writing is to tell a story or experience that happened to you. This kind of writing will use the first person point of view and will tell the story from your perspective.

In narrative writing the introduction is very important because it establishes the setting and tone of the piece, and it helps to build trust between you and the reader. Follow these easy tips to learn to write a great narrative introduction:

  • Establish the setting, time period, and age of the narrator
  • For a narrative essay, which is creative nonfiction to be distinct for fiction, it should be true and have really happened. This means that your paper will be about something that took place in the past, so it is important to establish for your reader when it happened, where it happened, and how old the narrator was. You don’t have to do this directly by coming out and stating it, you can do it through details. For instance, if the story is about you when you were in elementary school your introduction could include details about riding the bus to school or getting home and watching cartoons.

  • Establish the tone of the piece
  • Narrative essays are a great way to use emotion in nonfiction writing. The tone is the best way to effectively make your reader have an emotional connection to the paper. Ask yourself if it’s a funny, sad, scary, or inspiring story. Then make sure the tone of it matches that emotion. You want to establish this tone in the introduction, so your reader isn’t sideswiped by it later one.

  • Establish the narrator’s voice
  • If the story you are telling is about you in elementary school, decide whether you want the narrator to be you today telling about it in the past tense, or you in the past telling about it in the present tense. You should establish the narrator’s voice in the introduction, and stick with it for the whole paper.

  • Gain your reader’s trust
  • That is to say, don’t make your reader work too hard in your introduction, so don’t make it too confusing.

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