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Creating A Winning Exploratory Essay About Music

An exploratory essay is a paper that works to explain a view on an issue. The goal is to give your opinion, explain the issue, and explain the different views. When you have to make sure that you understand how to complete this assignment. If you follow these directions, you will be able to write a winning exploratory essay about music.

Basic Features

  • Describe the issue in the introduction with a definition
  • Analyze the issue in the first body paragraph
  • Summarize three major positions on the issue in the second body paragraph
  • Explain your personal interest in the issue in the conclusion

Important things to remember:

  • Decide on a topic
  • You will need to decide on a topic to write your paper on. It has to be on an arguable issue. You should find one that is not solved, something hard to find the answer to, or one that is interesting right now.

  • Create an outline
  • You will make sure that you create an outline which will make it easy for you to organize your thoughts effectively. Without an outline, you may find that you put information where it doesn’t belong. You have it all in the paper but if it is presented in the wrong place, it will be confusing. You should complete this by writing in complete sentences because it will make it easier later on when you turn the outline into a rough draft. You can also add in the transitional phrases which are used to link ideas together. It is a good idea to add transition in this phase so that you are linking the main ideas with each other. Transitions help your paper flow and make it easier for your reader to understand.

  • Edit your rough draft
  • Once you have written the whole paper, this is only your rough draft. Don’t hand in your rough draft without editing it. You may not have any errors but just one can discredit much of your paper. You may have been really careful when you were writing your paper and still made a mistake. Read through your paper many times to make sure that it makes sense and that you have everything in place and that it says what you want it to say. You can read it out loud a few times which will help you find errors because when you read it silently, you may correct the mistakes.

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