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How To Write A Solid Introduction Paragraph For A Compare And Contrast Essay

There is a very specific format for writing a solid introduction for a compare and contrast essay. This type of essay works to describe the relationship between two things. It is a popular type of paper mostly because it challenges a student to analyze two different things. It aims to show their similarities and their differences or one or the other.

The introduction for this type of essay is a little different from other essay types mostly because you have to introduce the two topics that you are comparing or contrasting and you have to end with a general explanation about the two relate to each other. Here is a guide that you can use to master the introduction part.

  1. Start out with a broad introduction statement that talks about the overall subject that both of the topics are involved.
  2. Next describe a brief explanation of your first items points. This should give your reader an idea of what you will be comparing or contrasting from the first topic.
  3. Then create a transition using phrases like “in contrast”, “while”, “however”, and similar phrases to show your reader that you are going to shift to the second topic.
  4. The following statement should state that the items are similar or different in a more complex way then just simply stating that they are alike or different.
  5. The thesis will state the exact comparison or contrast between the two things and its significance.


There are two very common pets that most households have. The first is a dog which is a pet that is less independent but more of a companion. The second is a cat which is self-sufficient and less lovable. While both of these pets are favorable in different ways, they will not always appeal to all households. Cats appeal more to households where the participants work and want a quiet companion that isn’t much work and dogs appeal to households that are looking for a more active participant in their everyday lives.

As you can see this is a rather complex introduction compared to other essay types. You won’t be able to just give some background information and move on. It is essential to create an outline so that you can present a solid case in the introduction.

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