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Coming Up with Catchy 5th Grade Persuasive Essay Topics

Writing about something that you are passionate about

When it comes to writing persuasive essays, it can be wise to choose a topic which you are passionate about. The whole point of the paper is to argue a point of view; therefore, if it is something that you truly believe in, it makes it easier to come up with valid arguments that you can justify.

Alternatively, there may be occasions were you have to argue against something that you truly believe in. While this may seem unnatural, you may still be aware of many of the arguments that oppose your point of view, thus making it easier to talk about.

Arguments with two or more points of view

Of course, if you are arguing for a certain point of view, there has to be at least one opposing point of view. In fact, it may be that there are multiple arguments that can be made about a certain topic. Sometimes it can be easier to argue when it is simply a case of ‘for or against’, as you only have to disprove one opposing viewpoint. However, if there are multiple views on the subject then this can sometimes be used to your advantage, to show why certain aspects of your argument are better than those of each individual point of view.

Looking for topic ideas on the internet

If you are struggling to think of good catchy ideas then the Internet can be a great resource when looking for topics. As well as coming up with good ideas for a persuasive paper, you can also find great arguments to back up any conclusion that you may reach.

There are many websites as well that can suggest ideas to you. If you use a search engine and type in a particular topic or theme then you can often find numerous debates surrounding that particular idea.

Understanding limits attached to using suggested ideas

Should you find some suggestions on the Internet, it is worth bearing in mind how effective they can be when writing a paper. Before making your final decision, it is important to be aware of how easily you can argue a point of view. Initially, you may think that one idea would be perfect for your paper; however, after careful consideration, you may realise that the arguments from both sides are too compelling to come up with concrete conclusion, in which case it can be better to look for a different idea.

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