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Basic Rules Of Formatting A Chicago Style Essay Title Page

There are a few tips to consider when following the Chicago style format for your essay paper. Some schools may want students to do things a little differently for their assignment. This means there are guidelines in place you should follow to ensure points are not deducted from your paper. On the other hand, there are a few details to pay attention to that most academic papers following this format may include. Consider the following points and suggestions for your project.

  • Find an Example Page to Study
  • When following a format such as Chicago style an example helps you to create specific details accordingly. There are a few sources to consider for good examples. You can check with college university websites offering writing advice. Few offer example content along with tips to help you follow the format correctly. You should also consider sample academic papers following the format such as those found through academic databases. This option has papers written by students and professional writers you can use for study. The site may also offer advice on how to follow the format for your topic.

  • Review Guidelines for Your Page
  • The Chicago formatting style may have basic guidelines for you to follow. Yet, your instructor may have other things on their mind they expect to see from you. When you learn about the assignment review guidelines carefully and ask questions. You may get tips or insight on how to follow this format specifically. Some schools offer advice on how to format academic papers on their websites. Others may offer sources or links to solutions that give clear instruction on how to execute this format correctly. Even though there are instructions online through other sites, be sure to follow your school instructions first.

  • Pay Attention to Details before Adding Details
  • The essay title page following Chicago style formatting may have variations compared to other title pages with a different formatting style. You can find samples to compare along with your guidelines. Details such as margin setting, line spacing and font size should be reviewed. Be sure to type details such as title, name and other information correctly. Capitalize nouns and watch placement of words. For example, certain information should be centered such as the title and your name. They may appear spaced apart on the page but using different font sizes.

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