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Managing And Marketing Tourism

Destination marketing in the tourism industry is a process of communicating with potential tourist to influence their destination preferences. Moreover, marketing affects their intention of travelling and ultimately their product choices and final destination. There is a need for the tourism industry of any country to come up with marketing strategies that are aimed at attaining marketing objectives. Jamaica, for instance, has a Tourist Board whose mandate is to ensure that the Jamaican destination brand is marketed and managed effectively. The techniques or tools the Jamaican Board has put in place, include television and radio advertising. This practice is used commonly by businesses because it creates awareness faster as compared to newspapers. Accordingly, in attracting tourists, one must target the specific audience, implement a unique style and creativity that grabs and attracts the attention of the audience. The advertisement must convince people and should be related to what is being advertised.

For any tourism industry to be successful in the market, it should not only concentrate towards implementing effective policies of customer loyalty and satisfaction. In the tourism industry, satisfaction of clients is mainly hooked towards proper marketing and quality of services. The management needs to be focused on ways of improving tourist satisfaction, hence improving their loyalty. Visitor satisfaction will determine whether or not visitors will return to the country of destiny or not.

The tourism industry continues to be the world’s leading hospitality industry. United Kingdom is among the most popular destination of the majority of tourists in the world. It is alleged that the industry is worth of about $74 billion of the country’s economy and sustains more than 2 million jobs. These figures were obtained from 24.7 million visitors who came to America in 2009. Expectations of the tourism industry are expected to grow by 4.2 % at the end of 2011. Notably, in Britain, the Hotel Industry reported that 2010 was a fruitful year with an increase of over 5% over 2009.

With businesses becoming more developed and matured in the new millennium, a variety of new and more intricate challenges, problems and opportunities will be faced by marketing decision makers, due to changing legal, technological, political, cultural and competitive landscapes that directly influences the tourism sector. The way marketing experts, business decision makers and researchers view the world has been revolutionized by the internet.

In conclusion, the tourism sector has a drive to improve the performance of its staff members as well as its services. This will ensure that there is an increase in customer buy-in hence increased business turnover.

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