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Recommendations On How To Write An 800-Word Essay

Essays are challenging for students because often they are not interested in the subject or they do not have enough time to write the paper. The problem with most of the students is that they have busy schedules and never find enough time to write their papers on their own. They have to dedicate their time to school, friends, family, outdoor activities, their own personal interests and tons of assignments for different subjects. If you are to write a lengthy assignment, try to pick a subject that you are interested in, it helps because you can write for longer and with motivation if the subject is of your interest. If you have an interest in the Harry potter series, then you would find it fun to write about it rather than any other subject that you are least aware of

An 800 word essay means that you have to compose a lengthy paper and you would need attention. Try to create a plan by dividing your project into smaller tasks. All written papers can be divided into three basic phases of pre-writing, writing and post writing. Apart from these phases, you can also divide your paper structure wise into introduction, body and conclusion. This is important to divide your task to improve your efficiency and productivity. You cannot write a winning paper in one go so it is better to set milestones for yourself

Here are some recommendations to follow if you are to compose an 800 word essay for your school

  1. Know the type of the essay you are going to write. This is important because your tone and style would vary if you are to convince someone of your ideas as compared to when you are only to inform someone. The purpose of the paper will vary with style so you will have to keep in mind the type of your paper you are going to write. This may depend upon instructions from your teacher or you can pick it on your own

  2. Decide the subject you will address. As mentioned earlier, this should be something that you are interested in so that you can easily gather your data and create an effective paper

  3. Gather your evidence from reliable and valid sources

  4. Create an outline and arrange the data

  5. Write your paper in small steps

  6. Edit and proofread after completion

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