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How can I write an essay in a few hours 

If you are struggling to write your papers, and you want to know how to write an essay in just a few hours, you should consider these tips:

  • Skip the outline. This is often a great element for writing, but if you are short on time, just dive right in. You can play around with the layout later.
  • Don’t worry about the intro or conclusion. Skip those for now, as you really need to set up the meat of your paper and your core arguments first.
  • Use your local library database and search for articles that relate to your topic by keyword. Find published articles that give you the background information, the literature review information, and all corresponding and supporting evidence you need (of course this does apply to research based articles rather than a definition piece or a descriptive piece).
  • Instead of trying to edit and proofread yourself, have someone else look at it. If you are writing in just a few hours, you don’t have time to step away from the piece for a whole day and then return. But someone else will always have a fresh set of eyes.
  • Finally, pick a topic from an internet list. Instead of spending precious time trying to free write or brainstorm your information, just go online and find a topic that is already there, maybe even a related thesis. Then you only have to form the argument and support. There are many places to find information. For example, if you are searching for a list of descriptive essay topics, you can pick one of the topics below and write on that without any further research:
  1. Describe your favorite food
  2. Describe the internet of a spaceship
  3. Describe your ideal apartment
  4. Describe an art exhibit
  5. Describe an athletic event you attended
  6. Describe a pizza you are about to eat
  7. Describe an emergency room you were in
  8. Describe a painting
  9. Describe the store front window you once passed
  10. Describe a costume
  11. Describe a washing machine
  12. Describe a character from a book
  13. Describe a character from a movie
  14. Describe an inspiring view
  15. Describe a work space
  16. Describe a family member
  17. Describe a friend
  18. Describe your old neighbourhood
  19. Describe your pet
  20. Describe a photograph
  21. Describe a cemetery

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