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How To Use A Descriptive Essay Example About A Person Effectively

You have an assignment for a descriptive essay and you have a high quality example, but you do not know what to do next. Using an essay example can help you craft a top notch essay, but only if you understand what to do with the example. Here are a few suggestions to get you started on using the example effectively:

  • Start at the beginning. The hook and rest of the introduction can be used as a template. Since student often wonder where to start, having an essay that is already started can give you plenty of ideas for you own essay. You can use the structure of the hook for your own. So if the sample starts with three questions, you can do the same with your essay, only you use three different questions. Then, you use the bridge in the sample to connect the hook to the thesis statement, which you can also use as a template. You can always use the same sentence structure, but include your own keywords that fit with your topic.
  • Move into the middle. This is the meat of the essay, where you begin to describe the person. Look at the main ideas of each body paragraph. If the paragraph is about the physical description, then you craft a paragraph about your person’s description. You do the same for all of the rest of the sentences in the paragraph. You should notice the transitions, where they are used and where they are not used. You should also notice where the writer used examples and where the writer used explanations for those examples. None of the work you do should actually copy the exact words of the original paper, you only copy the style and structure. You want to write your own paper about your own topic. You do not want to be called out on charges of plagiarism.
  • Emulate the conclusion. This can be a challenging part for any writer, so copy the format of the original piece. You should be able to see how the writer rewrote the thesis and included the most interesting information in the middle of the paragraph. Then, notice how the writer referred back to the hook so you can do the same. Once you have used a sample properly, you can use one on any style of paper.

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