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Composing An Essay About Love For One’s Country In 5 Steps

One of the most common subjects or themes you will find in essay assignments in middle school or high school is about love for one’s country. There are several personal reasons why someone will have love or some sense of pride, which is why it always makes for a great assignment because each one will be unique. Here the five steps you need to know about a composing a great essay:

  • Step 1) Brainstorm ideas and do some research
  • Start brainstorming a few ideas for your essay about love for one’s country. Highlight the ideas you think you will be able to write on the most and then do a little research to find supporting information for the ideas you want to present. If you are going to use specific data, quotes, or paraphrases, make sure you collect the complete citation information.

  • Step 2) Organize notes and develop a thesis
  • Organize the notes you have made into clusters of related points you plan on discussing. It’s good to use the three best ideas and the ones in which you can provide more supporting evidence for. You should be able to come up with a few ideas for your thesis statement.

  • Step 3) Create an outline and start writing
  • Take your notes and create an outline to keep with you as you start writing the first draft of your essay. When creating your outline you should always keep the reader in mind, considering how he or she will best understand the point you are trying to make. Structure your discussion points logically and always create sub-points to represent your supporting evidence and examples.

  • Step 4) Revise the content of the assignment
  • Set your assignment aside for a few days before coming back to start your revision. To revise most effectively you should look at every paragraph and sentence and re-think how you can present the same information so that it conveys your ideas more effectively. Don’t get too attached to text, as you may find that cutting material out will actually improve your work.

  • Step 5) Completely edit and proofread
  • Finally, don’t forget to edit and proofread your work before turning it in. Mistakes, even small ones, can make it seem as though you didn’t take the assignment seriously. When you edit and proofread you should do so at multiple levels. Start at the paper level, then the paragraph level, and finally the sentence level. This will ensure that you cover your entire content.

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