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Top 10 Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

When it comes to writing a good compare and contrast essay in college; you want to find a unique topic. Writing about something that really hasn’t been run into the ground will definitely ensure that you make a passing grade as long as you mind your grammar and essay format too.

Make sure that you are clearly making a comparison and contrast between the two parties or subjects in question. You don’t want your reader getting confused and have them start thinking that your essay is wishy – washy.

This is very similar to making a pros and cons list but more detailed and you are judging likeness between two subjects and then the differences among the two. Having clarity in writing really helps a reader judge between the two subjects and come to same conclusions as you; the writer.

Top 10 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Controversial topics are good; the more contrast and likeness the better. Hopefully these top ten topics will give you a great bouncing point and perhaps even inspire more debate.

  • In American history compare and contrast the Antebellum Era vs. the Reconstruction Era.
  • Emily Dickinson vs. Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
  • Explorer Christopher Columbus vs. the first astronauts (a good comparison between being the first pioneers of the unknown).
  • Compare and find the contrast in Graffiti vs. Black Square by Kazimir Malevich
  • Compare and contrast the two media forms: Twitter vs. Newspapers (Can Twitter be considered a real news source?)
  • The dangers of texting while driving vs. sky diving.
  • Learning Chinese as a second language vs. learning Latin.
  • Dancing styles like Moonwalk vs. Gangnam Style
  • Medicine practices in Ancient Greece vs. medicinal practices in Ancient China (perhaps make a contrast in how religious beliefs fueled their healing techniques or influenced treatment of ailments).
  • Compare and Contrast welfare programs in the US to the programs used by their neighbor; Canada.

Once you find a good compare and contrast topic don’t be afraid to really dig into your resources and get all the details. This will make your comparisons more reliable and help the contrast stand out to your reader or professor. Try to avoid the similarities between two subjects that would be obvious to anyone as common knowledge; try to look at the subject from a unique or different perspective.

Looking for a different angle on a subject will help your essay stand out and stand up all on its own.

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