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A Strategy For Writing An Argumentative Essay On Abortion

Before you decide to write a paper about abortion, you should understand that abortion is a topic that searches for an argumentative conclusion and viewpoints. There are several important tips for writing an argumentative essay on abortion. Before you start with writing the paper, you need to do a good research and be well-informed about all advantages and disadvantages of having an abortion.

Here are several writing tips that can help you in your process of creating an argumentative paper that will catch the attention of every reader:

  • Start with explaining what an abortion is. Use clear thoughts and sentences that everyone will understand. Do not use some difficult medical expressions that are understandable only for those who are having a background in medicine.
  • Use examples where you will explain all benefits and dangers of abortion. Also, mention several arguments of why abortion is good or bad for women.
  • Gather some evidence to justify your arguments. If you are for abortion, make a statement with arguments and facts why you think that the abortion is the only solution for women in certain situations. Use your arguments from the beginning to the end in every part, the introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Start your writing by explaining some events that may warrant an abortion. In the last paragraph make a good statement of how abortion can or cannot affect the health of a woman.
  • Include some relevant and current statistics about abortion. Double check all data that will appear in your paper, because with this information is always really easy to make a mistake. This is very useful information that should be part of your argumentative assignment, but everything should be clear and checked.
  • Include some real stories of women who have done an abortion. Of course, these stories should be approved by the storyteller and should be unique.
  • Avoid poignant language and do not use imaginary stories, rumors or sources.

Writing on abortion could be difficult but very useful. In this way, you are making the reader think about this topic, which is still a taboo in certain countries. Also, try to make your essay as simple as possible, but with reliable sources and a quality and unique content. Also, if you have any requirements from you university about this specific paper, you should follow them and implement them in your argumentative essay.

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