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25 College Essay Topics for Those Who’ve Got Stuck

Can’t come up with an interesting enough topic for your college essay? Study the following prompts, and they will definitely give you some good ideas:

  1. The influence of travelling on personality development.
  2. Offer some personal stories or examples from history. Can travelling be used as a method of behavioral correction?

  3. Do processed foods need to be banned?
  4. Explain how dangerous these foods are. What kind of effect will such a drastic change have on the economy?

  5. Sex and pornography.
  6. How do pornographic materials affect society’s perception of sex? What kind of effect do they have on individuals?

  7. Does romantic love exist?
  8. Define romantic love and offer some examples to support your opinion on this matter.

  9. How do beauty pageants affect children’s psyches?
  10. Do these pageants need to be banned? How do they influence the image of beauty accepted by society?

  11. The importance of environmental ethics.
  12. Suggest some more efficient ways of promoting eco-awareness among the populace. Explain the consequences of ignoring the issue.

  13. How does it feel to be a stay-at-home dad?
  14. Does society today accept this concept? What trials do these fathers face? What are the differences between a father’s and mother’s influence?

  15. Support the leave-your-vehicle-at-home initiative.
  16. Explain how introducing this today will help the environment. Why exactly is this important? What kind of effect will this have on a person’s health?

  17. Is flirting cheating?
  18. Is there a difference? If yes, where is the line that separates one from another? How do you resolve personal conflicts that occur surrounding the issue of flirting?

  19. Do juvenile criminals deserve to be tried as adults?
  20. What is the mental difference between an adult and a juvenile criminal?

  21. Will marriages become obsolete?
  22. Can they be completely replaced with live-in relationships?

  23. Overdependence on technology.
  24. Have people really become too dependent on technology?

  25. Do overtly thin models promote anorexia?
  26. Are white lies acceptable?
  27. Can colleges really prepare students for living in the real world?
  28. Will World War III break out soon?
  29. A comparison of the different political systems.
  30. Reasons behind terrorism.
  31. Is sex education a necessary subject?
  32. Can the world today be unified through sports competitions?
  33. A case study: How does the mind of a suicide killer work?
  34. Tips on how to survive a zombie apocalypse.
  35. How does the acceptance of homosexuality influence society?
  36. Do space aliens exist?
  37. Immigration and its effects on the country’s economy.

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