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Searching for Compare and Contrast Essay Examples for College Students

No matter how good you are at writing, sometimes you just need to see examples of the work that you need to produce in order to get a goof idea of what is being asked of you.

Each type of essay needs different skills and abilities. Many of these skills are a culmination of other skills that you have developed over the years, but sometimes you need to be able to see what other students have produced in order to develop your own skills and abilities for a particular type of writing.

Taking it from another angle, you could not be expected to write a book if you had never read one.

Sources of essay examples

  • Your tutor : they may have already shown you a few examples of compare and contrast essays when they were setting your work. These examples have probably been used for several different classes over a longish period of time. If you think about it some of the best Compare and Contrast essays are actually about topics that are newsworthy and contemporary.
  • The Library – always worth seeing what is available in the college library. If there are none available then the Librarian may be able to make a few suggestions. Remember not only do you need to examples of compare and contrast essays you also need to see examples of essays of a variety of ability levels.
  • Online – this probably will give you a good variety of essay examples. Preferably look for examples that have been assessed and you can read the markers comments, so you have a good idea of the expectations of what is a good essay, what is outstanding and what is deemed as a poor example.

Accessing online examples is fairly easy; just make sure that you are using a search engine that will search academic web sites. If you don’t use a site that focuses on academic websites you may find that it takes you a long time to get to your goal. Be specific with the key words that you use.

It may be a good idea to print out a few of the examples (you may have to sign up to the website to be able to do this, but most of the sites do not require payment). If you print out some examples, it gives you the chance to make your own notes on the examples as you will not be able to do this online. Your notes can then be used as reminders fro you when you are writing your own essay.

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