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25 Challenging Five-Paragraph Essay Topics To Consider

Writing an essay requires more than just penning down certain information. It requires the individual to have an insight to the subject and have an understanding of the topic. You have to make sure that you know what you are talking about if you want to impress your audience. It is critical for students to choose interesting and strong topics for their papers because it will help engage the audience. If you find the most easy and simple topic to write your essay around, then you have low chances of impressing your audience.

The more you struggle for your paper the better results you will get in form of your grade

25 interesting topics you can use for creating a five-paragraph essay

If you are having a hard time in choosing a right topic for your paper, then you should consider the following topics. They will help you choose a right topic for your essay

  1. The role of religion in oppressing one particular gender
  2. Abortion is legal but not an ethical choice to make
  3. Analyzing your own self before being judgmental of others
  4. Breaking the stereotypes, a systematic and effective guide
  5. The effect of paper wastage on the global warming as a whole
  6. Does global warming actually exist or is it a conspiracy theory
  7. The case for and against polio, which one do you support
  8. How to teach children with special needs like autism
  9. The relationship between carbonates and carcinogens
  10. Ultrasounds and how do they affect an unborn baby
  11. Writing about the life of an unsung hero
  12. The effect of 9/11 on global image of the Muslims and Islam
  13. How to run a business if you have little or no investment
  14. Becoming a successful freelancer, finding the most profitable jobs
  15. The scope of information technology in the year 2020
  16. When and how the world will really end
  17. Long distance relationships, do they work
  18. The reason for increasing divorce rates in developed economies
  19. Rape and child abuse cases in the modern societies
  20. Who is responsible for global terrorism
  21. How to live with the sharks without being eaten alive
  22. The VIP culture and how to eradicate it
  23. Injustice breeds evil
  24. All roads lead to Rome, define and explain
  25. The importance of symbolism in literature

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