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Why Using a Free Essay Available Online Is Not Your Best Idea

So you’re halfway through the semester, and your professor assigns you a ten page paper, due in a week. Immediately, you recoil at the prospect, and your mind projects itself into the days ahead. You see two possible futures: one of arduous research, composition, and execution; and another of glorious relaxation, enjoyment, and general revelry. Depending on your motivations, odds are that the latter will appeal to you with far greater magnitude than the former. As the gears begin to turn in your mind, you desperately try to find a way out of the grey shores of academia and into the golden sun of recreation.

After careful and deliberate rumination on the subject, it dawns upon you, like a ray of light breaking through the clouds – just don’t do it. Of course, not turning in anything at all is out of the question; Doing so could severely harm your grade, and poor grades will lead to nothing but trouble. Of course, you could always outsource the work, using a free, already available essay that you found online. Sure, your conscience will tell you that you know better, but you “already have weekend plans, man”. However, whatever the reasons, turning in an essay available online is, ten times out of ten, not your best idea.

  1. Building and Expanding Upon Knowledge
  2. Education is a process, one that requires you to build and expand upon knowledge. Because of the nature of learning, shortcuts are just not conducive to success. Sure, you might, with luck, be able to fool your professor into believing that this work is yours and yours alone. You might just get away with it, giving you free time to do whatever it is that you want to do. However, doing so will still come back to hurt you.

    • Perhaps the process of writing this essay will prove essential to your understanding of the topic.
    • Perhaps, without writing this essay, you will fail to entirely grasp the subject matter. If so, the time will certainly come when you’ll be out there, all alone, without the knowledge that you neglected to gain in the first place to guide you to victory.

  3. Work & Satisfaction
  4. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” It’s an adage that you’ve probably heard. But did you know that the opposite is equally true?

    • The human mind is wired with a countless number of circuits, an endless configuration of neurons and synapses whose connections influence and determine your behavior.
    • A brain that receives excessive reward, and is required to put out little to no work begins to atrophy. It may come slowly at first, but over time, your mind will become resistant to work, and your pleasure will no longer come at the same magnitude.
    • Life is a balancing act, and careful consideration must be made to get the most out of it.

  5. Plagiarism
  6. If persuasion does not sway your mind on this matter, perhaps the cold, hard facts will. Plagiarism is deeply frowned upon in the academic community.

    • Turning in work that is not yours, as your own, is a big technical foul. Even if you find a relevant essay, free for your own personal use, you will likely meet repercussions.
    • In this day and age, checking for plagiarism is as easy and checking your bank account. A quick Google search by your professor alone could easily blow your cover.
    • Virtually all institutions of learning have strict policies against plagiarism, and would likely take administrative action against any offender.

    Writing an essay may at times seem difficult or time consuming, but putting in the work now means exerting less effort later, and avoiding negative outcomes for yourself. While it may seem an arduous task now, you’ll later see that it was really nothing at all, and you’ll feel all the better about yourself for it.

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