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Where To Get A Good Example Of A Profile Essay On A Person

Inspiration comes in several packets. Robert Bruce found inspiration in a spider while Harry Potter found it in a snitch. In this light, it is only natural that you will get inspired by living personalities. Thus, it is not exactly hard to find good examples of a profile essay on a person. You can look into innumerable spheres for the same.

  • Your lineage – Ask anybody and he is likely to have had a charismatic grand-dad or great grand-dad. You must have heard many stories of the bravery, honesty or other positive segments of your ancestor. How he carried his life and how his life turned out to be. The essay topic lies in your family.
  • Your neighborhood – The neighborhood has at least one or two people with larger than life image. It may be an uncorrupted bureaucrat, a functional municipal officer; a teacher who teaches students for free or a person ready to help one and all. Inquire into their lives and you will get enough inputs to write a profile essay.
  • Old luminaries – There are many luminaries who lived in last century or prior to that who had vibrant lives. They were either fearless, passionate or had extreme will power. Whether it is George Washington, Lincoln or Mother Teresa, you have n your hand a life profile to be proud of. Turn that into a literary gem.
  • Celebrities – There are many celebrities in the field of sports and movies who play major roles outside their fields of excellence. They may be social activists, awareness guys or advocates of principles. They may have had enough struggles in their working lives and it is great to know how they came out of it. They can easily be made specimens for profile essays.
  • Rags to riches stories – There are many businessmen and successful personalities who started with nothing but dreams. Their lives are an example in learning and how they never compromised on their values even during hardships. Explore their lives to get the material.
  • Influential people – From Malala Yusufzai to Aung San Suu Kii, from J K Rowling to Stephen Hawking; there are lots of influential people who gained exalted status through hard work, discipline and a willingness to carry on. Profile essays on these people would be great.

Remember to analyze their lives; place the mistakes they made and how they learnt from it. Invest labor into it and make your essay an exemplary one.

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